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Name: Don 'Big D' Swensen

  Home: Vaughn, WA USA - right on Puget Sound    
              (click the picture for a better view -->)    
  Born: Stoneham, MA   02/03/Oh so long ago!


         Started playing Bass at age 13    

       Moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1997

         Co-founded Rebel Storm in 2000  
         Released 'Stormin' South' in 2001  
         Toured Europe in 2002  
         Received the 2002 Gritz Southern Music  
             Hall of Fame Horizon Award  
         Released 'The Hard Way' in 2003    

       Toured Europe in 2003


       Joined the Nite Café in 2006


       Formed Mojo Overload in 2009

  Played and shared stages with:      
           Jerry Miller (of Moby Grape fame)      
           Elvin Bishop  ◊  Delbert McClinton      
         ◊  Little Feat, and more...      

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